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“Citricidms - The saviours of the digital world armed with the superpower of immense creativity!”

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With great power comes great responsibility and we have sworn to perform our duties with all the strength that we have! As the superheroes of the digital world, it is our duty to come to your rescue whenever you call out to us. We believe that our superpowers of creativity, strategy, marketing, and analysis will be able to save the day! Our quest is to create an amalgamation of innovation, dedication and quality to provide a marketing strategy for your brand that will live up to your expectations! So, trust us, for we, your digital superheroes from Citiric IDM are here to help your brand find its calling!

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With a bucketful of creative ideas to make your brand a success, the team of superheroes at Citricidms strives to deliver their best. We build brands that people will not be able to resist! That is our end goal! We combine our superpowers to work in sync towards achieving the one common aim! We bring in a spark of creativity, a little zest of smart analytics, a whole lot of research and an added pinch of experience in creating a brand name that you can proudly call your own. So if you need a new website for your brand or just a little tweak in your existing website, give us a call!


We bring together our powers of imagination and creativity by brainstorming new ideas and present you with a new and improved brand story. With a plethora of cost-effective, engaging and measurable technologies and processes, we build a brand that people can follow. Our Avengers are adept with SEO, SEM, Content Writing and Marketing skills that they wholeheartedly utilise in creating and building a brand name for you. We prepare a plan that will take your brand to the next level where it can convert customers to become brand loyalists and evangelists who will swear by your brand at all times! So, just reach out to us, and we will fly in to help!

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