Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media Marketing Services We Provide to Our Clients

App Installation Campaigns

App Installation Campaigns

Our team curates ad campaigns on different Social Media Platforms to get app installations for you.

social media performance and analysis

Social Media Analytics

We provide detailed reports with a complete analysis of your company’s Social Media performance

social media consultation which platform is siutable for customer brand ads

Social Media Consultation

Once we do a complete analysis of your social media presence, we give you suitable strategies/plans.

social media content writing to engage the customer

Social Media Content

Our content team will provide you with engaging content that will give you a positive response on Social Media

Social Media campaigns

Social Media Marketing

We create Social Media campaigns made specifically to your company’s needs and requirements

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

It is our priority to facilitate the growth of your business organically on social media

Social Media remarketing reaching out to previous visitors of your website or app

Social Media Remarketing

We create campaigns targeting customers who have shown interest in your business in the past, aiming to convert them.

Twitter Hashtag Promotion

Twitter Hashtag Promotion

We create engaging paid hashtags to give you maximum engagement, reach and exposure on Twitter

vedio marketing

Video Marketing

We promote your videos across various social platforms, even using Facebook's In-stream video ads

Social Media Servicesby Citricidms

Social Media Marketing is so much more than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The means used to engage your clients and boost your brand awareness are just the tools utilised to reach your goal in Digital Marketing. At Citricidms, we deconstruct the whole breadth of possibilities and treat Digital Marketing with utmost respect much like one would when cooking a master-recipe. We understand and create eye-catching content, automate your evergreen content and then optimise your Social Media strategy.

It isn’t just the basic ingredients of Social Media. It is the passion and effort, the thoughtful use of engagement on industrial forums, participating in productive digital discussions and keeping your finger on the pulse of the web to react with spontaneity and boost online visibility and lead generation optimally through a well strategised Social Media presence across all platforms that gives you the winning recipe.

We believe optimum success in Digital Marketing lies in building trust and goodwill of the community at large. Like the best chefs in the competitive market today, we understand digitisation and marketing and weave our expertise into a recipe with able support to strategise from our robust metrics platform to give you a well performing and unique social media presence to relish and savour. Winning just on PERFORMANCE alone does feel good!

Why Us vs. Our Worthy Competitors?

Why us and competitors

We have learnt and firmly believe in making full use of automation in the digital media segment to build and encourage the target audience to acquire a personal interest in your business. This is done through relationship-building and tweaking the information on your platform to educate and sustain your branding at the top. It’s all right to blow your own trumpet and speak about your success when you provide insights into the hard work of performing beyond expectations, share and educate on how you got to the top and how you propose to stay there. Like Rome, your brand’s social media success was not built in a day after all!

Our recipe for success deconstructs and puts the simplest ingredients into the hands of our master chef team. Once developed with zest and care for details, they intertwine specific strategies all at the right moment to present the winning recipe for brand success. We stand behind you in your moments of glory, happy and distinguished as your ally in progress with a great offline and online presence, lower acquisition and retention costs and constant evolution targeted at new markets and sustainability.

Why Citricidms For the Best Social Media Services

Olympic runners don’t discuss how to run. They try to better the best. We just took a leaf of their book and learnt how to effectively build site traffic, increase conversion rates, and exceed whatever key performance indicators you are interested in. Constant monitoring reports, automated tweaking of your daily presence on platforms that are popular and even just emerging, the prompt welcome DMs and auto-replies, sensible and praiseworthy posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and the very important build-up to ad hoc posting for promotions, events etc. will keep a sophisticated finger on the throbbing web’s pulse as we strive for the GOLD in your PERFORMANCE. We then share your glory and feel satisfied that the winning performance of our protégé was coached and orchestrated by us.

Offering a full-fledged digital marketing package including training and services, promoting your Google+ page, connecting with relevant B2B groups, smartly positioning your corporate blog with optimized keywords, creating appropriate posts that go viral, following relevant audience segments, upgrading brand’s image on all channels, obtaining brand visibility through Social Media campaigns that are unique, beguiling online advertisements and interacting with your audience are just a part of our arsenal of integrated Best Metrics digital marketing to get you to the top and sustain your performance amongst the elite.

Services We Provide To Our Clients

  1. Social Media Optimization

    We strive with diligence to present your brand with organic growth on the social media.

  2. Social Media Marketing

    Our team performs thorough research into your business model and creates a marketing campaign for social media that reflects these ideologies while meeting your needs and demands.

  3. Social Media Analysis

    We track the social media performance of your brand and make sure to make a detailed report that suggests better techniques or strategies to improve the visibility.

  4. Social Media Consultation

    We will provide you best the best strategies and plans to promote your business on social media by doing a complete analysis of your digital presence.

  5. Social Media Content

    Our content team is highly equipped with providing you with engaging and creative content for brand promotions.

  6. Twitter Hashtag Promotion

    Twitter exposure is one of our main fortes. We make sure to create engaging hashtag campaign that would increase your brand’s visibility.

  7. App Installation Campaigns

    We curate ad campaigns on different platforms in order to increase the rate of app installation.

  8. Social Media Remarketing

    We work towards creating strategies to target customers who have shown an interest in your product in the past.

  9. Video Marketing

    We promote business through in-stream video ads on several online platforms.

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